Posted by: fizzhogg | January 18, 2010

347 days to go

Welcome to the 2K in 2K10 UNFAT PROJECT.

I am a fat guy. Fat drips off me like hot fudge off a sundae. Mmm, sundae…. anyway, I am fat. For my height, bone structure, etc., I am sixty pounds overweight. I have been fat for more than 15 years. I have joined numerous gyms, had personal trainers, tried many diets, and have never followed through on any of it. Ever.

This Christmas a family member gave me a road bike. A brand new Specialized Secteur Sport. This person is a professional cyclist, and has been trying to get me riding for years. I have wanted to try cycling, but simply could not afford a quality bike. Now I have one. My first ride was 6.8 miles. I thought I’d ridden about 3. From the moment I got on the bike I felt something I had never felt in any previous physical activity. I was at peace.

Since that first ride, I have been on the bike about ten times. The longest ride I’ve done is 12 miles. But unlike working out, or walking or jogging or anything else I’ve tried, I am still loving being on the bike. So I decided this is my best (and last) shot at losing the weight. I am getting too old (45 yrs) to keep trying.

So, I decided that if I could ride 2000 miles this year, that would go a long way to shedding pounds. I don’t know how many, but it’s got to be better than not riding 2000 miles. Thus, the 2K In 2K10 UNFAT Project was born.

As of January 1st, 2010 my odometer read 61 miles. As of this writing today, it reads 79 miles.

18 miles in 18 days… that would give me 365 miles at the end of the year. 1,635 short of my goal.

I have a lot of work ahead of me. And I live in snow country, so winter riding is not a given.

In November is the El Tour de Tucson. One of the largest and most famous single day bike races in the country. The main event is 109 miles. They also have 80, 66, and 35 mile events. Another goal along with the Unfat Project is to ride in the 109 mile main event. It will certainly help with reaching my goal of 2000 miles.

This weblog will be a chronicle of my quest. Of my journey. I have no idea if I’ll make it, if I’ll even come close. But I a committing to trying. This weblog is for me – to keep tabs on myself. To push myself. I need to get healthy. I need to lose the weight. For me. For my family.

In the coming days I will post about my rides, and even post on the days I don’t ride, explaining why I didn’t.

Let the 2K IN 2K10 UNFAT PROJECT begin.


  1. Great blog, sat and read the whole thing whilst travelling today, i’m commenting on your first post as that’s just about the point i’m at!

    Keep on going!

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