Posted by: fizzhogg | January 22, 2010

We have a new personal best

So, it’s been quite cold and rainy since my first post, but there was a day in which I was able to go out. I felt very good before the ride, feeling like I wanted to go far. I actually loaded up with some Shot Bloks, which I have never done. I put three in my jersey, and filled the largest water bottle I could find.

I unhooked my front wheel and loaded it and the Unfat Machine into my vehicle, and drove to my favorite riding spot – a lake with a fully paved bike path running the entire perimeter. Once around is about 4.7 miles, but there are several trails (paved ones) that spider off from the main circle. To date my longest ride here was just over 11 miles.

Now, there is one path off of the main trail that I have never taken. It goes off from a roundabout, and up over a large four-lane highway. I had heard rumors it went all the way to the Missouri river – about 6 1/2 miles away – and then along the river for another twenty-five miles! But I have no idea if it’s paved or not, so I’ve never risked it. Oh, and I’m a lazy fatass.

I started my ride and quickly realized I wasn’t going to go very far. It was much colder than I anticipated, and I did not have anything on my head under my helmet. The wind was howling, and I figured I would go around the lake once then go home, with less than five miles added to the 2K in 2K10 Unfat Project.

About halfway around, a woman on a Cannondale hybrid pulled in front of me. I eased off my cadence and just followed her, thinking I’d pass her once we got around the dog walkers we were closing on.

We passed the pups and the woman bumped it up a notch. Soon I was maintaining a three bike lengths gap between us and cruising at about 13 mph. And then the roundabout came and she headed up toward the overpass – where I had never ventured.

But instead of returning to my vehicle, I followed her.

And soon, what began as a lousy ride turned into the best ride of my short career, as I traveled through new terrain, crossed over the Missouri river, and when the woman stopped and turned around… I kept going. All the way down to the river’s edge. I would have continued on, but unfortunately the trail turned from asphalt to crushed limestone, and since I don’t yet know how to change a flat, I wimped out and turned back.

I never checked my odometer the whole time, instead watching my average speed and trying to keep it as high as possible. I ate my first meal on the bike as I consumed a pair of Bloks, and drank nearly my entire water bottle. I felt great the whole ride. When I returned to the lake and my vehicle, I saw I had ridden over sixteen and a half miles. A new record! I was happy, but at the same time, I was down because I felt like I could have, should have kept going.

But instead of going around the lake again, I loaded my bike and left.

I now plan on riding the “extended” part of my lake course every time I’m there, and hopefully will push over twenty miles soon.

Now, if I could only stop eating junk late at night, this Unfat Project would be going fantastic.

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