Posted by: fizzhogg | January 30, 2010

Train right

The 2K In 2K10 Unfat Project has been hammered lately by old Mom Nature. But yesterday we struck back.

Joining the fight is a Saris Cycleops Supermagneto Trainer. Apparently you place your bike’s rear tire into this contraption, and then you can ride indoors as if you were outdoors. It came with a cool dvd from Robbie Ventura’s Vision Quest cycling coaching, where he has a camera mounted on his bike during a crit race. So I can pop that on the tv, get on my Secteur, and ride for miles, even if there’s a snowstorm outside, like there is today.

The trainer has progressive resistance, meaning that the harder you ride, the more resistance there is – just like the real road. So miles on the trainer will count toward the 2K in 2K10 goal.

Today will be the maiden voyage on the Cycleops. I will report back later.

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