Posted by: fizzhogg | February 8, 2010

A new beginning

Those few pounds I dropped earlier in the Project are all back, due to the late night chips and other assorted mishaps.

So, after admitting my addiction in the previous post, I have taken back my life. Super Bowl Sunday was my good-bye party to all food junk.

Starting today the 2K In 2K10 Unfat Project includes NOT eating anything after 7pm unless it’s some sort of fruit or vegetable. And all portions are being reduced. We celebrated our farewell to food during the game with homemade chicken wings, gumbo, and chips.

This morning I threw out my beloved Presto deep fryer. I’ve owned it for two years and probably used it a hundred times or more. The entire unit is in the trash as I write this.

As for cycling – which this project is about – I have been on the Cycelops Trainer twice, both times watching the Robbie Ventura’s RealRides RACE DAY dvd. The trainer ride is much more of a spinning class type ride than being outdoors. I ride for a shorter amount of time – 20 to 40 minutes – but go at a much higher cadence.

Here’s the big downside I discovered. Because my front wheel doesn’t turn during the trainer ride, my odometer doesn’t turn, and thus, I have no record of how far I’ve ridden. I can only estimate. There are equations like, distance equals average speed multiplied by time, but it’s all an estimate. No real record.

What I’ve decided is that I will count only a minimal amount of my trainer rides. If I do the equation and figure I probably rode around 10 or 12 miles, I will only count 8 toward the Unfat Project. And with all the bad wetaher we’ve been having, this could really hurt my chances, but it’s the only fair way to go in my opinion.

So my two trainer rides total 16 miles toward the Project. And the fryer is gone. And all the chips are gone.

Today I take back my life.

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