Posted by: fizzhogg | February 15, 2010

First week of life

It has been one week since I took back my life. Since I stopped eating garbage at night.

I have been strong. I can say, “I’m an addict and I’ve been clean for seven days.”

On the cycling side, I have been on the trainer, but it is nothing like being outside. I love riding outside, while the trainer – even with the cool video – is basically a spinning class.

We have had horrible weather here all month, and I have not been able to ride outside in a long time. Or so I thought.

Yesterday, as I drove out of our neighborhood with 31 degree temperatures and slushy snow lining the gutters and curbs, I saw a rider.

This guy was fully covered in his stay-warm gear, had a full face ski lid under his helmet, and thick gloves. But he was out there. Riding.

Always be riding.

A message to all us Clydesdales out there. Always. Be. Riding.

Prior to seeing that guy I had not ridden in any conditions worse than 33 degrees and dry. But seeing that guy made me think – if I can stop the eating, I can be a little cold or wet when I ride. So I went to bed last night with a plan of riding at least 12 miles today.

I awoke to six inches of snow covering everything.

Hmm, where did I put that Robbie Ventura video?

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