Posted by: fizzhogg | March 5, 2010

20 in My Sights

Yesterday I hit a new record for distance going 18.7 miles. It was a fantastic ride, the weather was nice, though I did have to have a bulky sweatshirt on for the first 12.5 miles.

I rode the same course I did when I hit 16.5 two months ago. It has a great combo of flat stretches, rolling hills, and a couple of steep climbs, though they are extremely short in distance. And the views are nice. I also set a personal best for average speed (14.2). At one point I was cruising along an extended flat stretch and had cranked it up to around 18.5 mph, which is great for me. I was feeling Armstrongesque as I rolled along at this high pace…

Then a guy on a Bianchi in full Bianchi colors, blew past me like I was at a taco stand waiting on a number 2 special. It would not have been so bad – I’m a Clydesdale, after all, and know my limitations – but this guy looked like he was putting in maybe half the effort I was, and going twice as fast.

I shifted, got out of the saddle and tried to catch my Italian rabbit, getting all the way up to 23 mph, but I gassed before I ever closed the gap. For all I know that guy is probably still riding and only now breaking a sweat. It puts in perspective how amazing professional riders.

In addition to the great feeling of going farther than I ever have, I also felt great because I didn’t wimp out along the way. I pushed myself up the hills, and did my best to coast as little as possible. My only stop was at the 8-mile mark, just long enough to down a Gu. I’m not quite ready to eat during the ride. At least not with a hoodie covering my jersey pockets.

If I’d known I was so close to the magical 20-mile mark, I would have, could have kept going. But I had no idea if I’d ridden 15 miles, 18 miles or 25 miles. Plus, I had to get my daughter to soccer.

So, only five days into this month, I have ridden just thirteen miles less than I did the entire month of January, and more than I did all of February. Thank God for warmer weather. And now, here’s my new sign-off for every post:

Eat better.

Keep riding.

Lose the gut.

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