Posted by: fizzhogg | March 16, 2010

March of the Fatties

March… to move along steadily, usually with a rhythmic stride.

March… the third month, speaking Gregorianly.

I have moved along steadily, usually with a rhythmic stride during this third Gregorian month and have a new personal best. 58 miles have been ridden this month, and we still have another 15 days left. Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m about as far off of my 2K in 2K10 goal as the US Men’s Curling Team was in Vancouver, but it’s still a personal best.

Another 15 miles logged today. A fairly flat ride with a short, but steep climb at the end. I was gassed afterward, but again, felt great. There is something about cycling that works for me so much more than running or walking or lifting or any other exercise I’ve tried. I love being on the bike. I can go for long periods without any thought of wanting to quit.

Now, if I could only get my eating habits under control. Actually, I’m doing well – for me. But I can do more. I must do more. And I have to ride more. The weather is turning, there are no excuses. Oh, that reminds me…

I did not ride the Cycleops this weekend. I thought about it, twice, but never got my fat lazy butt down there. No excuse, just me being a lazy fat-ass. I’m only hurting myself, and the Unfat Project. I vow to ride it the next time I can’t go outside due to weather.

Tomorrow I’m going to ride a levee trail near my house. Supposedly, it’s a 17-mile loop, and completely paved. I will let you know how it goes.

Eat better.

Always be riding.

Lose the gut.

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