Posted by: fizzhogg | March 17, 2010

Burn, Baby, Burn

14.7 miles today.

Rode the levee trail. Discovered they have not completed the levee trail. It is just over 4 miles, not 17 miles, and no loop. Just out and back. I made the good decision to ride the 3+ miles TO the levee, instead of driving my car there and unloading the Unfat Machine.

I rode without music and that, too, was a good decision, as I had to navigate a couple of very congested intersections on my way to the unfinished levee. And as much I loved riding with music the other day, I loved not having it today. Because once I was on the levee trail, I heard things I’ve never heard before.

On any of my previous courses, there has always been too much traffic and/or wind noise for me to really hear anything but my own breathing. But today, the levee was far enough removed from traffic, and the wind was quiet enough that I could actually HEAR my gears changing; I could hear frogs in the ponds; I could hear my tires on the road. It gave me a new connection to my bike.

The weather was a beautiful 63 degrees, so I was able to ride sans Under Armor and Gu cap.

Sounds like a wonderful ride, right?

And now we get to the title of this post… what I neglected to think about, until the end of my ride, was… wait for it…. sunscreen.

Yep. Another 2K In 2K10 first – my first bike sunburn. As I type this, my thighs resemble the secret ingredient when Cantu upset Morimoto.

I have crossed the 70-mile mark with fourteen days left in the month. When I started this project, I was going to have to average 167 miles a month. I put myself in a huge hole with my weak January and February, but I am still optimistic.

Eat Better.

Keep riding.

Lose the gut.

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