Posted by: fizzhogg | March 24, 2010

Discovery Channel Live

First, the news of the day… we have a new personal best. 22.1 miles! Feel free to throw confetti and pop champagne on my behalf.

Now onto the title of this post. One of the great things about riding – a big reason it beats treadmills and spin classes, and most anything else – is the connection it gives you with nature.

Today I rode the Pyrenees, then headed over to the levee trail. As I was cruising the levee I looked out across the large meadow on my left and saw a family (or maybe just good friends) of deer scampering across the horizon.

I started to try and keep up with them, cranking into my biggest gear. I looked ahead to make sure my path was clear and I saw the second part of my Discovery Channel show…

A coyote sat on the hill, right next to my levee trail, his eyes trained on the deer. He was so focused in fact that he had no idea I was coming on him. About twenty-five yards from him, I made a noise to let him know I was there. He looked at me the way you look at an unfamiliar car cruising down your neighborhood street.

He then calmly trotted down the hill, still fixed on the deer who had now stopped to graze. If I wasn’t committed to my ride, I would have stopped to watch the show.

Cycling is the greatest exercise in the world.

Eat better.

Keep riding.

Lose the gut.

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