Posted by: fizzhogg | March 30, 2010

I Don’t Feel Like Riding

That’s what I told myself today.

For the first time since I took ownership of the Unfat Machine, I wasn’t chomping at the bit to go on a ride. Maybe it was because I’d been off the UM for three days? Maybe it was because I’d had a very relaxed weekend which involved too much good food and thus, too much loss of energy? Maybe it was because, despite all my goal-shattering riding this month, I’m still a big Fat Ass?

Probably the combo platter.

So, yes, even though it was beautiful out – 60 and sunny – when I looked at the clock and realized my riding window – that gap of time between work responsibilities and family responsibilities – was upon me, I did not do what I normally do, which is get all giddy about diving into my little cycling uniform, climbing onto the Unfat Machine, and going for a ride.

What I did instead was say, “I don’t feel like riding.” I didn’t feel like spending the fifteen to twenty minutes it takes to get geared up – dressed, tires pumped, UM checked, water bottles filled, Gu and iPod and cell phone dropped into jersey pockets, etc.

And I didn’t feel like going out and spending over an hour on the UM.

But guess what? I did it anyway.

I geared up, and climb on the UM, and went out and rode 20.9 miles. It was very windy, so half the ride was straight into a nasty headwind. But I still did it. And I rode some hills I could have avoided. But I still did it. And when I checked my odometer and saw I’d ridden over 14 miles, and thought about heading for home, I did not. I kept going.

Today was a moral victory of the highest sort. I rode when I didn’t want to. And guess what? It was the most satisfying ride I’ve had since starting the Unfat Project. I’ve ridden farther, I’ve ridden longer, I’ve ridden harder… but I have never ridden when I didn’t want to, and the longer the ride went on, the better I felt; the happier I felt; the stronger I felt; the less like a Fat Ass I felt.

So for all of you out there who have those days where you just don’t feel like keeping up the fight. When you don’t feel like exercising or pushing yourself, I am here to tell you that if you do it, you will feel A THOUSAND TIMES better than if you don’t do it and just sit on the couch and eat pizza.

Eat better.


Lose the gut.

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