Posted by: fizzhogg | March 31, 2010

Rolling on the River

18.8 miles today.We close out March with over 163 miles this month. Not the average we need to make our goal, but we’re on the way.

88 degrees and 53% humidity today. And lets add a 13mph wind (according to NOAA) for poops and giggles.

I rode my lake/river course – the one that has a 4 mile loop around a nice lake, and then spiders off to a long run over and around the Missouri River.

As the Unfat Machine cruised across the longest river in the country, I snapped this with my Blackberry:

Once I made the cross, I spiraled down to the river’s edge and snapped this:

Despite a pair of muscle-crushing rides straight into today’s heinous headwind, I enjoyed the ride. I had the iPod in tow and can now identify my two favorite tunes to ride to – Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is – the 70’s classic by Chicago; and an old Third Eye Blond tune called Motorcycle Drive By.

I’ve said it before, but I can really feel myself getting stronger. My year-end goal to tackle the El Tour de Tucson’s 109 mile feels doable.

Eat Better.

Keep riding.

Lose the gut.


  1. […] Anyhoo, back to the here and now. On Sunday of this week – my weeks start on Sunday because that’s how my calendar does it. Sunday my daughter had a soccer match at some fields near where I used to ride quite a bit – the Lake/River trail of posts gone by. […]

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