Posted by: fizzhogg | April 27, 2010

Tour de Cure

I am still trying to ride more and eat less. And I am still battling the Food Jabberwock who whispers in my ear late at night – “Chicken fried rice would taste mighty fine right now……”

But I’m here to talk about something way more important than me or my weight or my cycling. I have committed to riding in the St. Louis TOUR DE CURE on June 5th. The Tour de Cure is a series of rides all over the country that help in the fight against diabetes. Over 23 million Americans suffer from diabetes – men, women, children – and there is no cure.

I am joining thousands of other fellow riders to raise funds to aid the American Diabetes Association in their fight to prevent and cure diabetes, and to improve the lives of those affected by diabetes.

Please click on the following link which will take you to my personal Tour de Cure web page where you can donate securely, anonymously, and everything is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Click here to:  Support my ride in the 2010 Tour de Cure

Any amount helps. $1. $10. $100. Anything.

I will be riding 50 miles on June 5th. It will be my first ever group ride. It will be my first ever ride of that distance. I am excited and nervous. But I want to do something to help.

Please click on the link and give. For those with diabetes. For those riding to help the fight. For the person you know affected by diabetes. Or just because you want to help.

Thank you.

Eat better.

Keep riding.

Cure diabetes.

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