Posted by: fizzhogg | May 18, 2010


One of my most concrete memories from childhood is watching the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon every September. It was the only night of the year I was allowed to stay up as late as I could last. I vividly remember Jerry, bow-tie undone, one hand to wiping his sweaty brow with a white handkerchief, the other hand holding the mic and a burning cigarette.

When it was time for a new total on the tote board, Jerry would yell, “Timpani!” And the percussionist would give a drum roll on the large timpani drums, and we would watch with great tension and anticipation to see if the numbers would go up – if any donations had actually poured in since the last “Timpani!” I was always so relived when the tote board would show a new high number – thinking what a disaster it would be if the numbers didn’t change when Jerry called for a “Timpani!”

What I realized later in life was that Jerry never yelled “Timpani!” unless he knew there was a new total. Live and learn.

So what’s a “Timpani!” doing at the title of this post? Well, we have a new total people.

Stepping on the scale today, the tote board rolled to……..

217.0 pounds. A new record low. 12 pounds, yes, I said TWELVE POUNDS less than I weighed on January 1st, 2K10.

This fatty has not weighed this much (or this little, actually) in over three years.

To celebrate I had a double fudge sundae with a side of cheese fries. Okay, no, I didn’t. I went on a 19.5 mile ride. I would have done more, but had a limited time window. But what was great about the ride was the fact that I set a new personal best for average speed – 15.8 mph. Over a mile-an-hour faster than my previous best. But the good news doesn’t stop there. It wasn’t just flat tailwind riding. I rode the Pyrenees, then cruised over to the levee trail and rode into a big headwind, then rolled home with a nice tailwind.

I kept my cadence up higher than ever before, and felt very good for most of the ride. It ended with “Chad” – the short but steep hill that leads into my neighborhood. Chad is no more than about 200 meters or so long, but Chad’s grade is probably at least 7-8%. This little finish to my rides has often killed me. The first two times I tried Chad, I was unable to make it up without getting off the Unfat Machine and walking.

Lately I am able to ascend Chad, usually around 6 or 7 mph, and then am completely cooked at the top.

But today… after riding 19 miles at my highest average speed, I rolled up Chad with my Trek Incite never dropping below 10mph.

If any fatties like me are out there wondering if cycling helps lose weight, I am living proof – that not only is it probably the BEST exercise to lose weight, but it will change your life even before the weight starts coming off.

Eat better.

Keep riding.

Lose the gut.

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