Posted by: fizzhogg | May 19, 2010

This is why I don’t do Spinning Classes

These were all taken on my Blackberry during my ride today. What I didn’t get a shot of was the beautiful meandering creek that ran alongside my ride for about 500 meters. This was a new route for me, and it resulted in a 27.8 ride. Not many hills, but I did manage a 15.7 average for the entire ride. I was a TT God! Look out Fabian!

The first photo is what the majority of my ride looked like. The second was some friends who came to say hi as I was Gu-ing up at the halfway point. The third is the start of a hill at the very end of the ride. The hill is over half a mile long – continuous, and I just wussed out and didn’t try it.

Most of the roads had no bike lane as you can see, but they are small country roads with little traffic. I saw six other riders and everyone was friendly.

You can’t get views like this inside a gym.

Eat better.

Keep riding.

Lose the gut.


  1. As your fitness increases your body’s need for higher quality fuel increases, just like a fine sports car needing higher octane. Your willingness to consume vegetables is on the low side. You really need to work on this. Find a way to make your vegetables palatable (Goya? Lemmon Pepper? other spices?). Then eat a lot. Outside of ride time, YOur number one quality carbohydrate is going to be vegetables, then fruit. Also, to guard against the tendency to over eat after exercise, you need to eat right on the bike. 3 gels per hour for hard rides, maybe two per hour for medium stuff. If you are riding easy for an hour or less you probably do not need anything other than preride food. If you do not eat right, especially on a long ride, you will feel ravenous after a ride as you body is extremely low on muscle glycogen. Guard against this by eating properly before and during the ride. After a ride, a quick recovery drink in the first 30 min (PowerBar recovery or GU Brew recovery) then eat a good quality lunch. The rest of the day focus on eating sensible portions, even smaller then normal as you convince the body to use existing fuel on board (body fat).

  2. […] five or six miles into the ride I came to an area I had ridden previously – see this post.I knew there was a huge hill coming. See the third photo in that […]

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