Posted by: fizzhogg | May 29, 2010


Where have I been? Not on the Unfat Machine.

The clicking sound on my 41 minutes of hell ride turned out to be something in the bottom bracket – I say that like I have a clue what is it – and so I took the UM into a Specialized dealer – not my LBS – on Monday. They diagnosed a bottom bracket overhaul, and said the UM would be ready in a “day or so.”

Cut to today – Friday – five days after I dropped it off. Five days lost to my goal of 2Kin2K10. I was never so excited to load the Unfat Machine onto my new Saris Bike Rack.

Unfortunately, I arrived home around 3pm and checked the local weather. 86 degrees with 37% humidity. After convincing myself that my 41 minutes of hell was due in large to overheating from the hot temps and humidity, I chickened out of riding today. Seriously, I was planning on it, even suited up in my CTS bibs and UofA jersey…

I then I didn’t ride.

And then it got worse.

After three months of food sobriety, I cracked and threw away all the good work I had done. Like a junkie three months clean who decides to burn the spoon for no reason other than sheer weakness, sheer submissiveness to the Jabberwock whispering in the ear, I blew it.

So now, on May 28th, after losing my 3-month chip – oh, lets not call it a chip, that’s like saying needle, lets call it a badge – after receiving my three-month badge, I threw it away, and am now starting over again.And all this with the 50-mile Tour de Cure only one week away.

I plan on kicking off the second first day of the rest of my life with a long early morning ride.

Eat better.

Keep riding.

Destroy the whispering Jabberwock.

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