Posted by: fizzhogg | May 31, 2010

May Be

If you look to the right under the photo of the Unfat Machine you will see I set a new record this month. After today’s excellent 22.6 ride (I could have, should have gone farther), I broke 200 miles in a month for the first time. And that’s with losing five days of riding to the dopes at Sunset Cyclery.

I am feeling good. I’ve been riding well again after that freakish couple of days around the 41 minutes of hell. If I had another five days to ride this month, I could scare 300 miles, easy.

I will try and ride three more times this week before my Tour de Cure ride Saturday. I will not ride on Friday, the day before.

Tomorrow night I am going to the local REI store for a class on how to change a flat tire. Knowledge I hope I don’t need on Saturday.

Also, I found a new extension off of my lake/river route I’ve been riding. I will investigate this week, but it appears it may lead to several miles of roads with chubby bike lanes. I love chubby bike lanes.

Eat better.

Keep riding.

Lose the gut.


  1. You can do this tomorrow (6/5). You have the miles in your legs; you just have to eat regularly and drink plenty of fluids. Don’t think about flats. Dont think about the road surface. Just ride and relax and enjoy the day. Its going to be epic. Everybody will be in a good mood. The weather is right. Just ride. Then tell your kids fish stories when you are done.

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