Posted by: fizzhogg | July 19, 2010

Two Thousand Four Hundred and Nine


Two Four Oh Nine.

Commit it to memory.


That, dear readers, is my official number for the 2010 EL TOUR DE TUCSON 109-mile Cycling Event.


That’s the number that will be pinned across my manatee-like back as I roll off with 4000 other cyclists at 7am on November 20th, 2010.

4000 cyclists. Sort of gives new meaning to “group ride” doesn’t it?

Last year, over 3600 cyclists completed the entire race. The winner did it in just over 4 hours. The guy who finished last – Phillip Kaslo – did it in just under 12 hours. There were also a few hundred folks who did not finish. Hova – my faithful sherpa guide from Mt. Lemmon – finished eight minutes behind the winner… while spotting the guy thirty years in age.

My plan is to finish somewhere in between this year’s winner and whoever finishes last. If I finish next-to-last, that’s cool. That’s freaking great. To just finish. Not last. Wait, let me reset my goal… it is to finish not last.

Oh, and I’d prefer not to die either.

The ride is mostly flat, but does have a few hills sprinkled throughout. But hey, I climbed a mountain. Hills don’t scare me anymore. But the thought of a hundred miles in one ride does tend to make me squishy in the back of my panties, though.

But as Hova put it – “It’s not a bicycle race, it’s an eating contest.” So long as you fuel your body properly during a ride – any ride – you can do it.

I wonder if Krispy Kremes can fit in my jersey pockets?

So, that’s it, folks. I have registered. I have paid the money. There is no turning back. The countdown to El What-am-I-thinking? is on.

As of this posting, the clock is officially running…

123 days, 21 hours, and 49 minutes.


Eat better.

Keep riding.

Lose the gut.

Watch out for the road idiots.


  1. What a great number!!!! That for sure is a VERY large group ride 🙂 Krispy Kremes can totally fit in your jersey pockets 😉 Lemme know how those work for ya!

  2. What a great goal! Some friends of mine just did this same thing recently.

    Your dad would be so proud. You are good.

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