Posted by: fizzhogg | August 7, 2010

My Personal Relationship with Jens Voigt

JENS VOIGT. Most casual cycling fans have never heard of him. Yet, I believe Jens to be one of the greatest cyclists of recent memory. He doesn’t win GC’s, he rarely wins stages. But his teammates do. Because there isn’t a tougher, stronger, more unselfish, or better rider in the peloton. I bet if you asked Lance Armstrong, he’d agree. If not, then Lance is a dope.

Jens Voigt is to pro cycling what Xavi is to Barcelona futbol. The consummate team player. The guy that – if he isn’t on your team, then Leo Messi isn’t Leo Messi; Andy Schleck isn’t Andy Schleck. The guy who sacrifices personal accomplishments, the guy who buries himself for the glory of his teammates, the guy who is all about team.

“There’s no I in team.” Those words were probably spoken by Jens Voigt coming out of the womb. Only, you know, in German.

Michael Jordan once proudly stated that “There’s no I in team, but there is a ME.”

With all due respect, Michael Jordan couldn’t carry Jens Voigt’s Gu.

In this year’s Tour de France, Jens Voigt rode for Team Saxo Bank. Wait, that’s not accurate. Jens Voigt buried himself for Team Saxo Bank.

Oh, and it’s not like Jens is some 20something kid full of testosterone and endurance. Jens is exactly one day OLDER than that Livestrong guy. The guy who is now officially retired because he’s too old. He’s too old, but Jens Voigt is going to ride in next year’s Tour de France.

And I have a personal relationship with him.

See, Jens and I are very similar. We both love cycling. We both like to laugh. We both ride Specialized. And as of yesterday, we both ride on these:

No, wait. These:

Specialized Armadillos. Yep, me and my good buddy Jens both ride ’em. I know for a fact Jens rides them because it says so right here:

It also says You will die before the tires will, but pay no attention to that darkness right now. The ad says my close, personal cycling mate Jens Voigt rides 18,000 kilometers a year (that’s over 11,000 miles for those of you on this side of the pond). And he rides all those miles on Armadillos.

I know it’s true because ads don’t lie.

So, yeah, I put some Armadillos on the Unfat Machine. And in honor of my close, personal cycling buddy Jens Voigt, I went out today and rode 43.1 miles. Including some serious hill climbing. That is the longest ride I’ve done since the Tour de Cure.

So if Jens Voigt decides to come here to do some training this season or next, he and I will probably ride our Specialized bikes with our Armadillo tires together. I’ll probably take him to the Tour de Cure hill, see if he can handle it. Then maybe over to the levee trail for some TT’ing. Maybe do another 43 miles, maybe even more. We won’t drop each other, because Jens and I are both all about team.

Or maybe Jens will ride with me in November when I take on the 109-mile El Tour de Tucson. We could pace each other. We could bury ourselves for each other. Wait, now it’s sounding creepy.

Anyway, call me, Jens. We’ll ride here, or in Tucson or maybe head over to Lux and ride with the bros.

Eat better.

Keep riding.

Be like Jens.

Fair winds and following seas, Willy


  1. You don’t have the guy tied up in your basement do you?

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