Posted by: fizzhogg | October 4, 2010

Garmin out, Cateye in… for now

Okay, maybe my last post was not so boring. I loved riding with my son, but it’s not exactly conducive to 2Kin2K10 posts/subject matter.

As to the whole computer issue, you can see there was a comment posted by a generous soul offering to contact him if/when I’m ready for the Garmin Edge 500. After my Internet super sleuthing, I think I managed to track down this anonymous commenter.

I think it might be this guy. Triathlete Dad of Five.

He and I are scarily alike. We both ride, we both teach, we both have kids, we’re both trying to stay married, we both write – him, music, me not music – and we both have these time-wasting blogs.

That’s where the similarities end. He’s healthy. He does triathlons and can post shirtless photos of himself. I’m getting healthy, have never ridden beyond 51.5 miles, don’t run or swim, and am banned by federal law against posting shirtless photos of myself anywhere outside the Ukraine.

But I digress.

Seeing his offer of a discount on the Garmin David Evans 500, I began my painstaking research. I read review after review after review, and guess what? I no longer want the Garmin Edge 500. Yes, Fatty loves the thing. But Fatty is a special dude. And while there were several reviews saying they loved the thing, there are many more reviews saying they hated The Edge.

The computer, not the guitarist.

I did not read any reviews of the guitarist, but I’m sure they would all be positive.

Mostly the negative Garmin Edge reviews cited issues with losing the signal while riding in heavily wooded areas (which I do), problems with the accuracy of the mileage log and elevation data, and the biggest single complaint – having to re-download the software again and again. This last one really sent up the red flag for me. If I had just read this from one person – no big deal. But I saw five different reviews complaining of this.

The last thing a newbie almost-not-a-Clydesdale like me needs is a malfunctioning computer. The entire 2Kin2K10 Project NEEDS a computer to be official.

Therefore, I am now throwing my desire into this one: The CatEye V3 Triple Wireless Computer.

One of things I discovered in researching the Garmin was how many people LOVE CatEye. So many positive reviews for so many of their products. And once I was scared off of the Garmin, I checked out CatEye, found the V3, and started reading reviews. Positives reviews of the CatEye outnumbered negative more than 6 to 1. In fact, the only real negative comments were that it could be a bit more user-friendly, and the screen numbers are small. I will take that over re-downloading software or having a signal lost anytime.

Yes, there are many things the Garmin offers the CatEye doesn’t, but it’s nothing I’m not willing to sacrifice for piece of mind for.

So, unless someone has a reason why I should return my allegiance to Garmin, let them type now or forever hold their opinions. Or at least until I decide the V3 isn’t for me and look up something else.

If only I had more readers, I could get one of these companies to send me a computer to review myself.

Eat better.

Ride your bike.

Get a good computer.

You’re very good. You are, you are


  1. I have a Garmin in my car and it definitely is lacking when it comes to receiving the signal in wooded areas. So I’m not surprised people have complained about that.

  2. I don’t know anything about the CatEye V3, but I do own a Garmin 500. I’ve had it since May and it has been the most dependable piece of cycling gear I own. I have never had an issue with it over 1,000 miles of cycling. Never lost a signal, never needed multiple software updates. I’ve really enjoyed it and the Garmin Connect website which imports my ride data.

    Good luck with your search and let me know what you end up selecting!

  3. Okay, see, now you go and say that and get me all confused again.

    I don’t know what I want.

    What happened to the Garmin Tri Dad of Five guy? Where’s my free 500?

  4. I think I’d give the other brand a try. Garmin just hasn’t impressed me.

  5. I love The Edge, and the one on my bike…I don’t know how I coped without it!

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