Posted by: fizzhogg | October 22, 2010

T Minus 30 Days

I saw this on my ride today…

It sums up my training lately for the El Tour de Pain. In thirty days I will be rolling off with thousands of other cyclists on a chilly (and hopefully dry) Tucson morning.

I am not ready.

I’ve had a decent week in the saddle, but not good enough. Just like the week before.

But I’m a “The tire is half inflated” kind of guy. I have ridden nearly 1900 miles this year. I have 120 miles to go to hit the 2Kin2K10 Milestone. I will do it. Most likely, before El Tour, but I will make my goal this year.

But as inflated as I like to think the tire is, I’m still disappointed. If… If I had pushed myself harder, if I had not taken the easy path so many times, if I had not been so lazy, if I had not spent so many nights listening to the whispering jabberwock. If I had done and not done all those things, I would be clear of 2000 miles right now. I would be another ten pounds lighter. Or more.

I could have logged over 2500 miles by now. I could have weighed in at less than 200 pounds by now. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. I’ve had great days and great weeks. But I’ve had a lot of wimpy ones.

So I sit here, still thirty days from my 2Kin2K10 crescendo, and I’m already thinking about next year. And about how I blew it this year. I’m thinking about the 3Kin2K11 More Unfat Project. Catchy title, huh? And I think about the days I let wind and cold and traffic and such keep me from riding.

Okay, I just read over the above and I’m whining, aren’t I? Jeez. Sack up, man. That’s what the Unfat Machine would say to me. So let’s move on from the whining.

My plan is to ride as much as possible between now and when I leave for El Tour. I’m driving there and I’m going to take a six hour detour so I can go to Austin and visit Mellow Johnny’s.

I will be looking for a pair of arm warmers and some inspiration.

This post is really going nowhere, isn’t it? I’m blathering. Or babbling. No, brooks babble. What else, what else?

Oh, here’s something – Cat Eye out, Garmin back in. Yes, I heard from enough pro Garmin Edge people to do a 180 and go back to wanting/wishing/desiring the Garmin Edge 500. But the price will keep it off the UM for quite a while.

Okay, let’s end this waste of a post on a positive note… I’m 120 miles shy of 2000. And it’s October.

Eat better.

Ride your bike.

Don’t publish boring posts.

Watch out for the road idiots


  1. Instead of beating yourself up for what you didn’t do, think of all you DID do. Compare this year to last year — look at how far you’ve come. And commit to continuing it.

  2. Dave’s right – well done! The 3Kin3K11 project sounds interesting. I kinda came at this first year in the opposite direction. I had very few expectations other than getting out as much as possible on my bike. I had no idea what was possible. I thought 1,000 miles was a lot (I know better now!) and believed I had an outside shot at that. I’m now pushing 1,700 miles – not as much as you but compared to last year’s number (ZERO) still pretty good! 🙂

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