Posted by: fizzhogg | January 13, 2011

Pain is Temporary, Quitting Lasts Forever

We interrupt the OHAOTTDITTD quest to bring you full disclosure.

I suck.

The level of my suckage has reached new heights. Let me explain, dear reader.

A week after completing El Tour de Tucson, I weighed 199 pounds. Over thirty pounds lost in less than a year. Then, as documented here, Hova took me mountain biking and I ended up with a broken finger, sprained ankle, and other assorted injuries.

That, coupled with freezing temps in St. Louis caused me to only ride twice between the conquering of Mt. Lemmon on November 26th, and yesterday. Sure, there were four rides on the Cyclops trainer in the basement, but only 45 minutes each – basically equating to spinning for about 12 miles.

In addition to NOT riding, I ate. Badly. I fell into that deep, dark hole so many of us who lose weight do – celebratory eating. I had lost 30 lbs. I had ridden El Tour. I was under 200 lbs. Of course, I could eat a bunch of garbage!


Yesterday, I stepped on the scale, ready to see in bold LCD numbers the four or five pounds I was sure I had put on since November.

I was wrong.

I weighed 211 pounds. TWO HUNDRED AND ELEVEN!

In just over a month I had gained back over a third of the weight I lost this year. To say I was disgusted with myself is an understatement. I gained 12 pounds in 45 days.

I suck.

I knew I had to do something drastic. I could not wait for the weather to improve. I could not rely solely on the trainer. This called for immediate and decisive action.

I moved across the country.

To the CONEJO VALLEY. A part of southern California that is home to some of the most outstanding cycling in our country. Pro teams like Lampre and HTC-Highroad (formerly Columbia) come here to train. There are not only endless miles of chubby bike lanes and cycling-friendly drivers, but there are hills.

Perhaps I should rephrase.

There are many hills. And “hills” is a funny word. Most non-cyclists refer to these “hills” as mountains. Everything has a grade. Even the roads that are considered flat by Conejo Valley standards are pretty much akin to the Road Formerly Known As The Pyrenees back home. I have seen very little flatland.

So I am here to bury myself. I am here to punish myself. I am here to yell “Shut up legs!”

I am here to destroy these 12 new pounds on my body in such a way that they, or any other fat cells, never dare return. I am no longer interested in nice, comfy, fun rides. I no longer care about seeing horseys or babbling brooks. I want pain. I need pain.

Because pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.

These past 45 days I quit.

I will never quit again.

And to hold myself accountable, I am joining the Conejo Valley Cyclists club. The premiere cycling club in the area. Over 300 members strong. This Saturday I ride with them for the first time.

I plan on being here through May. By then this Hill Slug is going to be a mountain goat. A svelte mountain goat. A svelte mountain goat who does not eat garbage.

To give you a little reference on what I mean about this area and the climbing, the CVC has provided this tidbit:

How Steep is That Hill

I plan on ascending them all before I return home.

And you may have noticed that Jens is grimacing at me from the top of this blog. I cannot quit in front of him.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled OHAOTTDITTD:

My wife and I came oh so close to knocking off #80 on the list, but weather forced us to postpone. The CVC will help me put down #92 very soon. I’m whittling away at #46, and #4 should fall this spring.

Eat better.

Ride your bike.

Never ever quit.

Fair winds and following seas, Willy


  1. I know how you feel!!! I am just getting over a four year stint of laziness and am training for marathons this summer. If you have the time, please read my post on my training thus far. I think the blogging community is a great way to get encouragement for those of us who don’t want to give up!

  2. Moving across the country is a perfectably reasonable solution to six weeks of lost training. Well done!

    I’m looking forward to hearing how things are compared to your old stomping grounds. Good luck!

    • Well… there was a job involved with the move. But honestly, I researched cycling in Southern California and the Conejo Valley was the place to be.

      I will have an hour and twenty minute commute (one-way) to the office each day, but well worth it!

  3. It seems we both let our Demons win lately.

    Good luck with the new outlook and move! Sounds like a wonderful place.

    Says he jealously who has just completed yet another cold, wet, dark commute in to work.

    Pardon my ignorance but what’s OHAOTTDITTD?

    • One Hundred And One Things To Do In Two Thousand Days

      • Ah, obvious now you’ve said it. Thanks for humouring my stupidity!

  4. Congrats, it is confirmed…you are human. The Unfat Machine moves to California? Sounds like a cool sequel. Please keep blogging and let us know how it goes.

  5. Id kill to move to Cali AND have a 2 hour 40 Mins Commute , Lucky sod

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