Posted by: fizzhogg | May 29, 2011



Apparently, I am either a big fat liar, or horrible at math, or am experiencing the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s.

Or some combo platter of the above.

I lied to you all. In this post from April 12th:

Rock Star

In that post I told you I rode Rock Store “SIX FREAKING MINUTES” faster than I ever had before. Bless you all for not pointing out to me this post from March 9th:

Rock Store

Where I told you I rode Rock Store in 23 minutes, 15 seconds. I know this to be true and accurate because Hal 9000 recorded it. Just as I know that I rode it in 21 minutes, 20 seconds on April 12th.

The lie was me saying I knocked six minutes off my previous best. Well, let’s grab the old Texas Instruments calculator we got from the Dollar Store and do the math…

23:15 minus 21:20 equals…

NOT six minutes.

It actually equals 1 minute 55 seconds. I was only off by…


Forgive me.

I was so excited after my first ride on The Goat, that apparently all I could think about was my very first time riding Rock Store. THAT must have been the 27 minutes I was remembering, right?

Except that my very first ride up Rock Store was done in 24:07.

Thank you, Hal.

So even though YES, there is a huge difference in carbon fiber and giant bottom brackets and Dura-Ace pedals vs. my old gear, it is not a “six freaking minutes” difference.

The only reason I even discovered this massive brain fart is I was looking back at Hal 9000’s record of my cycling history on Garmin Connect.

I’m too old and lazy to go back and change my original “six freaking minutes” post. So I’m throwing my elephantine carcass on the mercy of you, dear readers. I meant no subterfuge. I meant no self-aggrandizing.

I’m just a dope.

Until next time, when I tell you The Goat and I just climbed Mount Lemmon thirty-four minutes faster than Team RadioShack…

Eat better.

Ride your bike.

Buy an abacus.




Watch out for the road idiots


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