Posted by: fizzhogg | June 2, 2011

Nowhere Soon

On Saturday, June 4th, I will be participating in Fatty’s 100 MILES OF NOWHERE  ride.

This is the 4th annual one and the first one I managed to register in time to get in. Only the truly cool people get in… or those who lead such meaningless lives that we can sit by our computers in the middle of the night waiting for Fatty to post the registration link so we can get in!

Fatty of FATCYCLIST.COM is one of the finest and funniest people on the Net. And an incredible cyclist. I would do anything for this guy. His blog was one of the first I found when I began my 2Kin2K10 Unfat Project, and he inspired me not only to ride more, but to get involved with Livestrong fundraising – and as the Gods of irony love to do – my family has since needed the amazing support given by Livestrong.

The ride is sponsored by Fat Cyclist as well as the amazing folks at TWIN SIX – one of the best cycling apparel joints on the web. Other sponsors include DZ NUTS (protect your junk), the TNT series LEVERAGE, and  Bike Monkey magazine – though the issue in my SWAG bag was over two years old. What’s up with that?

Basically, the 100 Miles of Nowhere is where you ride 100 miles… without going anywhere. Most folks do it on trainers or rollers. Some ride ten times around a ten-mile loop.

I will be riding a 1.05 mile loop one hundred times. Yes, I know that will equal more than 100 miles, but riding it 96 times just didn’t seem right.

The loop starts outside my place in Cycling Mecca, rolls east on a flat straight for a bit, then there’s a right turn before a long, straight descent (peaking at 10%), before another right turn, then a long flat straight, another right turn, and then up, up, up, with a sweeping right-hander, before leveling off and returning to the start.

I have not calculated the total ascent of my 1-mile loop, but I fear by the end of the OHMN, I will have climbed quite a bit.

Why am I doing this?

If you have to ask then you are not really a cyclist, but rather someone who rides a bike now and then.

The weather looks good for Saturday. I will start in the morning after a breakfast of pancakes and hash browns. I have no idea how long this will take me, but my goal is to beat my time from the El Tour de Tucson last November.

I will put up a post-OHMN report sometime Sunday, hopefully with photos and perhaps video!

Have a great weekend, dear readers.

Eat better.

Ride your bike.

Lose the gut.

Fair winds and following seas, Willy

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