Posted by: fizzhogg | June 27, 2011

Gaz, Livestrong, and a lot of Anger

So, those of you who regularly waste time around here know who Gaz is. The Incredible Gaz. The Amazing Gaz. The Incredible, Amazing, Shrinking Gaz.

This guy:  39 STONE CYCLIST

If you don’t read him, you should. The man is a true hero. An inspiration. A human miracle. A testament to the FACT that… wait for it…

It is all in the head, people.

You don’t think you can carve out 20 minutes a day to ride?  F*#& you.

You don’t think you can eat better?  F*#% you.

You don’t think you can change your life?  F*#@ you.

Forgive the blue language here, but I’m sick and tired of hearing people give excuse after excuse why they can’t lose weight, or get healthier, or do anything else that will change their life.

Gaz lost over 300 pounds ON HIS OWN. And… did it while still eating a totally craptastic diet of pure garbage. I can say that – because Gaz will admit that.

So the next time you’re sitting in your nice air-conditioned house blogging about all the excuses and rationalizations for NOT going out and riding your bike, think of Gaz. Think about a guy who was 500 Freaking Pounds and still got up and went outside and rode his bike.

Think about this guy who was mocked and pointed at and pitied – who refused to let anything stop him. Who continued to get up and go outside and ride. Even when he could barely go a mile. Barely go 5 miles. Barely go 10.

Even when his body screamed at him to stop because it was the nutritional equivalent of Ethiopia – he kept riding. Through the pain. Through the misery. Hundreds and hundreds of days when it would have been so much easier to just stay inside. To tell himself “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Guess what, geniuses? Tomorrow never comes. Ever.

And guess what else? Gaz has lost 26 Stone. He’s won awards and inspired thousands, and is at a perfectly healthy weight. Time to sit back and enjoy it, right?

No. Gaz is now attacking something that’s about ten times as hard as losing 350 pounds. He is attacking and destroying the eating issues that helped get him to 39 Stone. And once again – he’s not doing it with professional help or tons of money or all the time in the world or any of those things YOU think YOU need to change your life.

He’s just being a man. He knows IT’S ALL IN THE HEAD and he is attacking it like Jens Voigt attacks the peloton.

And he’s winning.


So F you to all of you who don’t have the time, who don’t have the right bike or clothing, or have too many other priorities.

Ef. You.

And Double Ef You to those of you sitting there right now thinking up all the reasons that Gaz could do it, but you can’t. “Oh, he doesn’t have the same home life I do, or job responsibilities, or commitments or blah, blah, blah.”

You deserve to be fat and unhealthy. You deserve to be miserable.

If you truly want to lose weight, get healthy and have your life improve exponentially, then shut your mouth – quit whining, quit blogging about excuses, quit telling your friends and family that if you just had a little more time in the day, if your knee just didn’t hurt so much, if beer didn’t taste so good – AND GO OUT AND RIDE.

Or don’t.

But if you choose DON’T – then please go away and leave us alone. Us – the people who want to change our lives.

Where is all this anger coming from? It’s a combo platter of things…

I have been truly inspired by Gaz, especially since he’s taken on his second war.

And I have been truly inspired by Livestrong – The foundation that Lance Armstrong started to help the 28 million with cancer. Until you have had to contact Livestrong because a loved has this horrible disease, you have no idea how truly amazing Livestrong is and the people involved with it.

Gaz has been inspired by Livestrong. Think about that for a second… this man, who is probably stronger of heart and mind than all of us put together, is inspired by the Livestrong folks.

You think it’s hard to leave your house and go ride your bike for 30 minutes? Why don’t you give yourself liver cancer and see if finding the time to ride your bike was really that hard.

You think riding up that one big hill by your place is awful and horrendous and nothing could feel as crappy as trying to make it up that thing? Why don’t you give yourself stage 4 stomach cancer and see if climbing that hill is really so awful.

I’ll try and wrap this ranting post up on a more positive note… at the beginning of this year Gaz and I challenged each other to lose another 40 pounds by year’s end. He is well on his way. I stumbled out of the gate, but after following Gaz’s latest battle, and becoming intimately involved with how Livestrong helps those fighting cancer, I realized that I was a guy making excuses.

So I began to push myself. Harder than I have since I started this quest. Check the sidebar and see how many miles I rode in June. A new Personal Record. As of this morning I’m down a total of eleven pounds since January. The riding has never been tougher. And I have never felt better.

I thank Gaz. I thank Livestrong. I thank Fat Cyclist. And I thank all the others out there who are doing it. Who are going outside and riding their bikes.

Thank you.

Eat better.

Ride your bike.

Or don’t, and go read food blogs.


Watch out for the road idiots


  1. Not too many grey areas there feller! Top rant! 🙂

  2. Dude

    First off a HUGE HUGE Thanks, I am blushing and pretty emotional

    second off, your gonna KILL IT 😀


  3. Great rant! While I come at my weight loss from another direction (largely ignoring it while I enjoy myself on my bike) I can certainly appreciate the focus and discipline required to take it on as you and Gaz are doing. Thanks for setting a great example and for being an inspiration for so many others!

  4. […] It’s here , READ IT! […]

  5. I’ve had a think since since reading this yesterday mate. Have a bimble over to my blog.

    Oh, and Thank You…

  6. That Sir, is a quality rant. Well done. As for the ethos behind the rant,
    I think there are some pointy metal things out there that have been hit
    on the head until they cried.


  7. Well put sir!

  8. I think you’ve summed up this lazy fella,

  9. Found your blog from Clive’s. Great post. I think Clive feels like that post was aimed at him. Keep up the good work!

  10. As Clive says, you really are one of the best writers out there, doesnt surprise me that you do it for a living 😀

  11. Top rant chap! Like Gaz sez, we can do it but only if we really want it!


  12. You are sooooo…. right, I obviously haven’t wanted it enough, until now! Ef the excuses! I’m going to sort out my eating, pronto. Thanks for the veritable kick up the butt.

  13. Thank you. I needed that.

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