Posted by: fizzhogg | August 26, 2011

Epic August Continues

After my dufus ride the other day, I was determined to get back in the saddle (see what I did there? Huh? Huh? Yep, pro writer I is) and add another epic ride to the month.

Today the Goat and I rode 62 miles and climb 3,284 feet. A metric century.

Now, a metric century is 100 kilometers. And 100 kilometers is 62.1 miles. I did 62.03 today, but in the cycling community anything between 61 and 63 miles is considered a metric century.

So I’m counting it. It’s going on the sidebar.

The ride included some new unexplored roads – some were great, others were a bit dicey – very narrow two-laners that I probably won’t tackle again due to traffic. I also scaled a new climb. The “Magic Mountain climb” as it’s known around here is a road that runs along Six Flags Amusement Park. It is 4 miles long with an average grade of 6%. It is one of the few sustained climbs in the area.

I consider a “sustained climb” anything that goes up for 2 miles or more. There are dozens of “Stingers” as I call them – Hog Hollow, the TdC Hill, etc. – steep climbs but usually less than a mile long. I was looking forward to Magic Mountain and as I began the ascent I had my ego completely in check – I was going to take it easy and spin up the first 2/3 conserving all my energy for a big push over the last third.

Here’s the thing about the Magic Mountain Climb… it ain’t four miles. Technically the road is four miles long. 4.1 to be exact. But the gradient never exceeds 2-3% for the last 8/10 of a mile. I’d call it a 3-mile climb.

And it only crested to 11% once. Most everything else was a steady 5-6%, with a couple of flat (even downhill) recovery sections of a few hundred meters.

All in all… eh.

But the ride was great. Temps were in the low 80’s, humidity was tolerable, and most of the new roads I found were quite beautiful. Lots of foresty type sections, babbling brooks, horse farms, and so on. Nature is cool.

On my return route I again came to that proverbial fork in the road, and again headed toward Babler. Mostly cuz I just wanted to descend. Fast. I hit 50.7mph today, climbed my way back up with a smile on my face, and headed home.

By the way, if you look to your right you will see I have climb over 100,00 feet this year. And it’s August. That’s more than 3 times up Mount Everest. Only, you know, without the cold and snow and looming death.

So it’s another epic ride for August. This ride wasn’t epic for difficulty or rain or dogs or elevation gain, it was epic simply because I think anytime we can cruise away from our homes and our troubles for a few hours, ride a metric century without incident, push ourselves all while thoroughly enjoying ourselves, well, that’s epic to me. And the fact I crossed the 100,00 feet of climbing mark.

I want to know who else out there is going to contribute to EPIC AUGUST. You only have a few days left. Get out and ride. Push yourself beyond your normal limits for distance or elevation or weather or anything else. Then tell me about it here, or give us a link to check out your story.


Eat better.

Ride your bike.

Make August Epic.




You’re very good, you are, you are


  1. Would riding in a hurricane be epic? That seems to be my option for the next two days. 🙂

  2. what does RFKATP stand for???

    • The Road Formerly Known As The Pyrenees.

      So named because the road used to be an epic sufferfest for me – it was like riding the Pyrenees.

      But after getting stronger – and realizing I can do more than I think I can, it became RFKATP.

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