Posted by: fizzhogg | November 7, 2011

Not a Cycling Post At All

But rather a shameless self-promotion post.

I have four new short stories available for the Kindle and Nook. Three are packaged together in THREE STORIES DOWN, and one is by itself (WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD) for only 99 cents. Note: the stories do contain adult themes including violence, sex, murder and some really dumb characters making really dumb decisions. But there’s also humor in them, too!

Kindle readers go HERE

Nook owners go HERE

If you don’t have either, you can download a Kindle Reader App for your Mac or iPad for FREE right HERE

And CLICK HERE for other choices of FREE reading apps.

These make awesome holiday gifts. And all the stories are a great cautionary tale about what happens to the type of people who don’t ride bikes!

I will be back soon with more cycling specific posts. In the meantime, read the stories and drop me a line here to let me know what you thought. I want to hear it all – the good and the bad.


Eat better

Ride your bike

Read great stuff on your Kindle



Fair winds and following seas, Willy


  1. I’ve read all 4 stories before and enjoyed all of them. For a guy whose ass could once fill an entire saddle — the kind on a horse, not a bike — you write mighty purdy.

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