Posted by: fizzhogg | February 20, 2012

The descent continues

This weekend, even without riding (I was in StL being domestic), I weighed in at 212.

Another full pound gone. I say gone as opposed to down because… down can come back up, but gone is gone. Never to return.

I’ve done well forcing myself onto the trainer when I haven’t been able to ride outside, but the single best thing I’m doing is eating better. No garbage throughout the day, and nothing at night. My dinners consist of fruits, veggies and perhaps a Lean Cuisine here or there. And where my standard go-to “treat” used to be potato chips (crisps for Gaz and Clive) at least once a night, I’ve now turned to homemade popcorn (with light olive oil) once or twice a week.

I’m back in the land of Cycling Mecca this week and hope to reach 275 miles for February. Stay tuned.

Eat better.

Ride your bike.

Never give up.



Fair winds and following seas, Willy

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