Posted by: fizzhogg | February 26, 2012

We interrupt this Descent


Yep. A full pound back up.

On one hand, I am really bugged. Annoyed. I am sick of being this size. I am sick of not pushing myself harder.

On the other hand, I am trying to stay positive. I have been dropping much more than not since I recommitted. And I will say that I have been much more focused on my eating habits – which is the cornerstone of this or any weight loss project. And I can pretty much guess now when I will be up or down on my weight.

This week I was buried with work. I did not get any riding in at all. I did managed two sessions of the trainer, and that’s where part of disappointment in myself lies – I should have gotten in four or five sessions.

And my eating was very solid but for one day when I probably consumed 3,000 calories or more in one sitting. I dined at the amazing SCARPETTA – the single best restaurant in Los Angeles. Freddy Vargas, the master chef at Scarpetta Beverly Hills, served me a custom-made 6-course meal.

How could I say no? And at least it was “good” food – meaning all fresh, perfectly cooked ingredients (tons of veggies) – as opposed to bags of chips (crisps) and french fries and ice cream.

So that coupled with the lack of saddle time, and I knew I was in for disappointment on the scale this weekend.


But I did not.

And I’m paying the price.

I have to spend all of Sunday working, but the first thing I’m doing when I’m done is getting on the trainer. Time for a SUFFERFEST. I must be punished.

The good news is, the weather forecast for the coming week looks 80% sunny, and hopefully, I can find time to ride to make up for last week. If not… Sufferfest.

I’m tired of being in this 210-220 vacuum. I want to be under 210. I want it now.

I’m setting a mini goal this week, starting today… I want to drop three pounds by next weigh-in.

I want to weigh 210 when I hit the scale next weekend.

I began today with an egg white and fresh bell peppers concoction, and 20 minutes of core exercises. Now I go to work for several hours, eating healthy, and drinking tons of water throughout the day, and then tonight… Sufferfest.

Descending is painful. But the view from below is worth it.

Eat better.

Ride your bike.

Push yourself.



You’re very good, you are, you are


  1. I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much. When I was in my dramatic weight loss phase, there were moments where I could gain a pound, or maybe two or three, before dipping back down again. It was frustrating, but something I had to work through.

    As for Scarpetta, I’m a firm believer of enjoying special occasions regardless of what training/diet program I’m in. I just wouldn’t recommend eating there everyday. 🙂

  2. One of the best meals I’ve ever had was at Scarpetta in NY. I’m envious of your meal. Having a chef create for you is truly a wonderful experience and worth the extra Sufferfest!

  3. Agree with Aaron. Once your body begins to figure out you’re trying to lose weight, it will fight you. You will have natural plateaus and even a backstep or two. If you dramatically reduce your calories, your body will think you’re in a famine and Mother Nature not-so-helpfully drops your metabolism to keep you alive.

    Stupid Mother Nature.

    Just keep plugging away. You’ll get it!

  4. Just found your blog and I’m looking forward to reading through the archives. Keep your chin up. I started the year at 284 lbs. As a former Marine I should have known better than to allow the weight gain, but that’s now the past. I was stuck at 274 for a while, but I made a diet and exercise adjustment to get me to 264. I’m hoping for 200 lbs by the end of the year.

    I am lucky to have a great health benefit at the university where I work – graduate students in exercise science. That gives me 20 personal training sessions a month for $200. I had problems pushing myself, but having a young lady pushing me is worth the expense.

  5. I think I’ve finally broken through my own 213-pound barrier (what is it with that number)? Keep going…

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