Posted by: fizzhogg | April 18, 2012

Going Going Back Back to Cali Cali

Apologies to the late Biggie Smalls. And apologies for using th same post title I did back in January of 2011… but who doesn’t love that song?

As you’ve followed this soap opera, I ventured to Rose City for nearly a month. Riding only one time during that stretch, and getting little other exercise, I was quite nervous to weigh-in upon my return to Cycling Mecca. I had finally cracked the 210 barrier when we left Cycling Mecca and feared that hours upon hours of sitting around and eating meals at odd hours, along with virtually zero cycling would lead to a massive weight gain.

212? 215? Worse?

I am happy to report that when I stepped onto the official Unfat Project scale my weight came in at… drum roll please…


YES! Exactly as when I left. I had spent 24+ days off the bike, and did NOT gain one pound. Disciplined eating and portion control can do wonders, people!

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I did return from Portland with a nasty cold/flu which kept me down for two days in which I barely ate much at all. And as we all know, illness is the second best diet in the world – next to poverty.

So, yes, I am sure that contributed to my wondrous 209 weigh-in. But 209 it is. And I could not be happier.

The GOAT greeted me upon my arrival like a long lost friend. We are both itching to get back out on the roads and hills of Cycling Mecca and continue our descent – the descent we began back on January 14th.

The descent to 180lbs.

12.8 Stones for you lads across the pond.

I will continue to ride and post my weigh-ins weekly – being held accountable really does do great things.

In other news, Little Joey Choo Choo wasn’t satisfied with simply ripping apart my manhood by doing his fancy little Red Rides on the weekends. No. While I was wasting away in the rains of the Pacific Northwest, Little Joey Choo Choo decided to grab a salt shaker and empty it into the wound of my soul.

Little Joey Choo Choo decided to start racing. Like in an actual race with actual other racers. Licensed bike racers.

He has joined my cycling club’s race team, and in his very first outing managed a top 20 finish. I want to say there were only 20 riders in the race, but alas, I cannot. He is the real deal. He is Cadel Evans to my John Goodman. He also mocked me upon my return to Cycling Mecca by letting it slip that he rode up Rock Store in only THREE MINUTES faster than I ever have.

Yes, I’m sooo happy for you, LJCC.

I still plan to drop him this year.

Eat better.

Ride your bike.

Don’t stop even if you’re not riding.



Fair winds and following seas, Willy

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