Posted by: fizzhogg | September 10, 2012

We interrupt this project for an important message

I suck.

As in suckage of the utmost suckiness.

That’s it.

I suck.

I finally break the 200lbs barrier only to piss it all away 2 weeks later.

Today’s weight: 202.5

Not 199.5. Not 200. Not even 201.


And there is no other reason than my sheer suckiness.

A little celebratory “I made it, I can relax now” attitude about eating, coupled with not being on the bike as much as I could have been resulted in a gain of over three pounds.

What a waste.

What suckage.

I am angry. I am embarrassed. I suck.

Tomorrow I will hand down my punishment in the form of a sufferfest ride the likes of which this project has never seen.

Until then…

Eat better. Christ in a catcher’s mitt, please EAT BETTER.

Ride your bike. Never put off any length of ride for any reason ever.

Don’t suck. Sucking sucks. 


PS – there’s still time to DONATE (despite my suckiness) to help kids with cancer and win cool prizes!


Watch out for the road idiots


  1. Fear not Looser! Your a Looser so you can loose those 3 pounds, we all know you can loose it!

    By the way I got to do the 60 mile round trip to Castroville twice now. Once by myself and once with a group. Had a good ride bolth times. Found it’s not as flat as I thought (300 ft is really over 1100 ft).

  2. At this point I would like to ask a practical question.

    I am pretty sure you weigh yourself at the same time of day on the same day of the week in order to eliminate as many variables as possible while measuring your weight. But have you decided what is an acceptable deviation?

    What if you failed to properly rehydrate after a huge ride and weighed yourself the next day at the usual time? You could easily weigh one or two pounds less than the previous week and get a false impression of your progress.

    Or what about the fact that muscle weighs more than fat? You could be putting on muscle, shrinking your waist size, and the scale would say you suck because you aren’t losing weight.

    I have a digital scale that rounds to the nearest pound. Thus on my scale, you could weigh 199.4 and gain 1/5 of a pound and believe you have gained a FULL POUND because the scale would read 200. Any issues there?

    In short, may I suggest that a deviation for a single week, while not exciting to see, is not something to get up in arms about. If it were to continue over time then you clearly have something to ponder. Just stick to your knitting and the trend can’t help but move in your favor. Just a thought.

    • You are not wrong. Hova – the Grand Poobah of cycling coaches – said in order to get a truly accurate look at weight loss/gain you should only weigh yourself every 4-6 weeks.

      I’ve been aware of the fluctuation variables despite always weighing at same time of day in same place, etc. I did it more to hold myself accountable as opposed to going for maximum accuracy.

      That said, I know myself when I have not ridden when I should have, and have eaten what and when I should not have. Hence the suckage.

  3. Yup, you suck, but you recognized it… That’s two. Number three is what you do with it. And remember, food is fuel. Every last Yummy nugget. You’ve gotta burn it or you’re cooked.

    If you use the suckiness wisely, you can turn suck into sunshine. LOL. Don’t sweat it brother.

  4. I agree with Steve completely (for what it’s worth) and might suggest that a few pounds either way is really nothing. As Coach says, it’s a big dump, really. My suggestion is to start weighing yourself in kilograms – now there are some numbers with meaning! Plus you’d already be way under 200…

  5. That’ll get ya – achieving that diet goal can be so self defeating.

    You try so hard to lose, tell yourself that diets don’t work – it’s changes in lifestyle that work. But once you get to that goal, how do you celebrate? By breaking those self same changes you worked so hard to make.

    Solution: don’t celebrate with food or eating. Celebrate with sleepping in, a day off work, or buy something that you’ve been wanting – anything but eating.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Thank you for this post! It is what I needed to hear right now and it got me back out there on the bike this morning. You are doing well, definitely better than I am right now. You can do it, you know you can since you already have!

    Keep on riding!

  7. Fizz is spot on, he does suck, as do I. I have found myself in the same situation more often than I should. Those helpful, kindly meant words of advice and support just give us an excuse to fail.

    We’re weak, we’re lazy and we have a food addiction.

    This isn’t a negative mindset, it’s just an acceptance that this is a never ending lifelong war, that involves winning some battles and losing some battles.

    The thing to grip (and I’m wondering if Fizz is the same) is that while we’re doing the wrong thing, we know we’re doing the wrong thing. How does that work then?

    If anyone knows please let me know.

    Anyway, keep on fighting the good fight mate, I’m with you in Spirit (and in the same situation) from here in Dear Old Blighty.

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