Posted by: fizzhogg | December 2, 2012

The Rememberer

With the exception of a few rides with Bucky (all under 10 miles) this weekend was the first time since October 7th that I have been on a legit ride.

During my nearly month and a half off the bike, I managed to forget a lot of stuff.

I forgot that when you are not exercising, you need to be hyper – I mean HYPER – aware of what you eat, how much and when.

I forgot how to use Hal 9000.

I forgot that as long as you dress properly you can ride in the cold and feel okay.

I forgot how much I love to ride.

This weekend it warmed up at least enough that I could not use the weather as excuse. Or maybe I was just so disgusted with myself, I no longer wanted to hide. Also, there were no family or work issues that I could have twisted into an excuse not to ride.

So I rode. And I remembered. A lot more than I forgot.

I remembered how much better it is to see your surroundings from a bike saddle rather than from inside a car.

I remembered how smooth, reliable, and quiet Shimano components are.

I remembered what a rush it is to descend at over 40mph.

I remembered how great Gu and Skratch Labs products are. Even for Clydesdales like myself.

I remembered the awesome combo platter of pure agony suffering up a climb morphing into pure exhilaration when you crest the summit.

I remembered that no matter how much you are suffering, you will always recover.

I remembered how much better tailwinds are than headwinds.

I remembered how much I love to ride.


Eat better.

Ride your bike.

Don’t not ride.


Fair winds and following seas, Willy





  1. Sadly, I’m currently in the “not ride” category, except for a couple of trips to the village shops and back. The weather has been frosty this past week and I’m off work, so I haven’t been commuting, but it’s the potential for ice that holds me back. I’ve had a few falls on icy roads in the past, and I just won’t risk it. Waiting it out till the frosty conditions go, I’m so frustrated!!

  2. Keep it up! You don’t want to put on 20 pounds during the holidays like the rest of us fat losers.

  3. I can’t use the weather as an excuse for not riding. Here it has been in the low sixty’s at night and upper seventy’s during the day. South Texas in the winter is not that bad, just wait until August and 108*. Oh well, come south and keep riding.

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