Posted by: fizzhogg | June 28, 2013

Quick Note

I have returned to Cycling Mecca. Just for a brief stint.

Just long enough to humiliate a fellow cyclist.

Just long enough to drop Little Joey Choo Choo on Rockstore.

We all remember Little Joey Choo Choo, right? From posts like this:

Choo Choo

Yes, well, I’m here this weekend to do one thing… drop Little Joey Choo Choo. He may have 1000 miles on me this year, he may be riding a fancy new Swiss machine with di2, he may have racing blood flowing through him, he may have a magical wampum around his neck, but I will drop him.

Drop him like a 2-foot putt.

Drop him like 3rd period French.

Drop him like Schleck’s chain in 2010.

Drop him like a cheerleader’s dress on prom night.

Drop him like Lance Armstrong and Paula Dean from their sponsors.

Or perhaps not.

Tune in late Sunday or early Monday, dear readers, to read the sordid tale of the weekend Little Joey Choo Choo’s cycling world came crashing down.

Eat better.

Ride your bike.

Drop your friends.


Fair winds and following seas, Willy


  1. Poor Joey Choo Choo. I almost feel sorry for him.


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