Fizz’s Rules of Cycling

1.  It never gets easier, you just go faster  (taken from Greg Lemond who took it from Andy Hampsten)

2.  For every climb, there is a descent… and vice-versa

3.  If you keep your tires pumped at proper pressure you eliminate chances of flatting by 60%

4.  If you are going to flat, it will be at the point farthest from where you started your ride

5. See Rule No. 5

6.  Hydrating before you ride is as important as hydrating during

7.  Wave to all fellow cyclists, whether they wave back or not

8.  When riding an “Out & Back” route, if you have a headwind on your “Out” it will shift and you will invariably have a headwind on your “Back”

9.  Someone somewhere is suffering more

10.  Those days where you really don’t feel like riding are the days you must absolutely ride

11.  Always refill your water bottles when you have the chance even if they’re half-full

12.  Always take more nutrition than you think you will need

13.  Shift more than you think you need to

14.  Someone is always slower than you and someone is always faster than you

15.  Never leave for a ride of more than 12 miles without money on you

16. You will always recover

This list to be altered and updated as time goes on


  1. Hey Fizz
    I haven’t heard much from you lately. Are you OK? If you don’t have a very good excuse you better write something soon and no that excuse is not good enough!

    May I use your Rules of Cycling in my blog?

    Your reader
    Jeff Bike

    • I’m still here. Just posted. Yes, you may use them and anything else from this site. Happy new year!

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